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Big Mine Park - Big Mine Open Space


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Big Mine Park
Skateboard Park
Warming House
Big Mine Ice Arena
Big Mine Open Space

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Facility Area Information

620 2nd St.
Crested Butte, CO 81224

Park Description
The Big Mine Open Space is a quiet venue within the town limits of Crested Butte. Located just west of the Warming House and Ice Arena, this intimate space offers a great view of Mt. Crested Butte. The venue is large enough to accommodate parties of up to 200 people and is within walking distance of downtown amenities and lodging. Perfect for wedding receptions or family gatherings.

Reservation Requests
First, review the notes below for all the rules, rates and details you'll need to know prior to booking your event.

Second, submit a reservation request by logging in to your account. If you do not have an account, you may create one here. Once logged in, please click on "Facilities" then "Reservation" in the main header menu. (Please note that "Reservation" only shows up in your menu when you are logged in.)

Follow the prompts to complete the request. For 3-day rentals, enter the date and time of your actual event and the setup/cleanup time will be added when the request is reviewed. Please give us as much information about your event as you can in the Additional Information section, e.g. vendors, amplified sound, and your trash & recycling plan.

Requests are reviewed on a first come, first served basis. Once the request has been reviewed you will receive an email notification and follow up from our office. Requests cannot be submitted more than 12 months prior to the event.

  • Big Mine Open space is approximately 15,575 square feet. See attached map for details
  • The open space area at Big Mine Park is very undeveloped. You will need to provide your own electricity, trash and recycling systems, and porti-potties.
  • This area is bear country. All trash and recycling must be removed from the area the same day/night of the event.
  • The paved parking area at Big Mine has 48 head-in spaces including two (2) ADA spaces. Please keep in mind that you will be sharing these with general park users.
  • The use of the Nordic Center Warming House and Big Mine Ice Arena is not included in the Open Space reservation.
  • The Town does not provide nor rent tents, tables, and chairs. More information about this and other services can be found on the Gunnison * Crested Butte Wedding Council webpage. A reminder that all vendors and service providers must obtain a Town of Crested Butte Business License prior to the event.

General Rules
Clean-Up Deposits: Failure to abide by the rules and/or sufficiently clean after use will result in partial or full deposit amounts being retained. If the facility is in disarray when your event begins, notify the department immediately or you will be held responsible, 970-349-7197 or If applicable, refunds are issued on a weekly basis. Refund checks are issued and mailed to the person and mailing address provided.

  • Start to finish time is for total use. This includes set-up time, the event, and break-down/clean up.
  • Take care of all facilities and pick up all trash after the event. This is bear country. No bear attractants (trash, recycling, or food) may be left overnight.
  • Campfires/Bonfires are not permitted.
  • Alcohol consumption shall be in accordance with the liquor code of Colorado.
  • If there will be amplified sound during your event then the rules and requirements of Crested Butte Municipal Code Section 10-9-50 (noise ordinance) must be followed. (All quiet by 10:00 pm)
  • Reservations are not final until a contract is signed; applicable payments, including deposits, are made; and necessary documents returned to the Parks and Recreation Department.
  • If there is something broken or unkempt please contact the Recreation Office at 970-349-5338 during regular business hours Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Fee Schedule
Rental times are for the full use of the area, not just the time of the event at Big Mine Open Space. Large tents must be set up the day prior to the event and taken down the day after the event. Tables and chairs may be set up the day prior to the event only if you book a Three-Day Rental.

One-Day Rental

Fee $150, Deposit $150 (refundable) Total = $300
You may book a one day rental if you do not plan on using any tents larger than a 10’ x 10’ “Pop-Up” style tent and all supplies (chairs etc.) will be at the site for the day of the event only. For example, a wedding ceremony only.

Three-Day (Weekend) Rental
Fee $375, Deposit $375 (refundable) Total = $750
This rental is for large events typically held on a Saturday. The use of the facility begins on Friday with tent, tables, and chairs being dropped off and/or set up. The facility use concludes on Sunday with final items being picked up in the morning.

Full payment of both the fee and refundable deposit are required prior to confirmation of the reservation.

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