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The Depot


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The Depot

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Facility Information

716 Elk Ave.
Crested Butte, CO 81224

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Facility Description
Dating back to 1883, this historic building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Denver and Rio Grande Railroad Depot was located on the eastern edge of town in the day, when the northern section of the building was built for the developing supply and mining town of Crested Butte. It withstood the test of time receiving freight, passengers, and goods on the narrow gauge railroad (along the east yard). It exported coal and lots of it from area coal mines chugging down the East River Valley to Gunnison and beyond. Alas, area coal mines were closed in the 1950’s and narrow gauge rail lines abandoned, leaving this lovely building to stand as a vestige of the once prosperous mining era. The Crested Butte Society of the Arts in the 1970’s repurposed the building to serve a host of celebrations, weddings, meetings, and art events over the decades. It later required more care and the building was gifted to the Town of Crested Butte to engage in rehabilitation work that began in 2012 and was completed in 2016. Local funding combined with three grants from History Colorado’s State Historical Fund, and a lot of hard work by area contractors made this building ready again to serve and support your special function. The Depot also serves as a home for local non-profits and living quarters for the caretaker. It needs your care and thoughtful treatment to ensure future generations can come and enjoy this special historic place.

Reservation Information
First, review the notes below for all the rules, rates and details you'll need to know prior to booking your event.

Second, login or create an account using the links on the left hand side of the screen. Once in your account select Start Facility Request. Follow the prompts to complete the request. For 3-day rentals, enter the date and time of your actual event and the setup and cleanup time will be added when the request is reviewed. Please give us as much information about your event as you can in the Additional Information section, e.g. vendors, sound, and your trash & recycling plan.

Requests are reviewed on a first come, first served basis. Once the the request has been reviewed you will receive an email notification and follow up from our office. Requests cannot be submitted more than 12 months prior to the event.

General Rules

  • Reservation Requests: Reservation Requests must be made within 1 week (minimum) of desired date.
  • Alcohol: The sale of alcohol on the premises is prohibited without a Special Event liquor license. For information about Special Events, please contact the Assistant Town Clerk at 970-349-5338.
  • Music/Noise: Music/noise must be kept below 100 decibels per Crested Butte Town code section 10-9-50.
  • Hours of Availability: 8:00am – 9:00pm. Music must be off by 8:00pm. Guests must be out by 9:00pm. No dancing or music before 5:00pm Monday - Friday. Minimum rental period is for 1/2 day (6 hours).
  • Maximum Occupancy: 49 winter, 100 summer
  • Clean up: Renters must clean the building and premises by the end of the rental duration. Please leave the Depot as clean as you found it. This includes sweeping, mopping, and cleaning the bathroom. The kitchen must be clean and all dishes washed and put away. This includes emptying the dishwasher. Cleaning supplies are provided. Failure to thoroughly clean will result in the loss of all or part of your deposit. There are many local for-hire services that will clean the space after an event. It is your responsibility to acquire such services. 
  • Refuse: There are two bear proof, roll away trash bins on site. There is also one recycle bin provided.  Arrangements should be made with Waste Management at 970-349-1033 or Golden Eagle at 970-641-3230 for trash/recycling disposal in excess of what is provided.  Failure to properly care for refuse may result in loss of the damage deposit due to the negative impacts caused to neighbors and wildlife.
  • Neighbors: Please respect our neighbor’s privacy. Do not allow your guests in our neighbor’s yards.
  • Renter Contact: Please leave an on-site contact upon reservation if the person who reserved the space plans to leave early.
  • Tents: Event tents can be placed in the east yard but must be secured by sand bags or water jugs.  Stakes are not permitted on the lawn due to damage to the sprinkler system.
  • Parking: For large events please encourage your guests to park at the Visitor's Center ("4-Way") at the intersection of Elk Avenue and Gothic Road.
  • Children: Children and young adults under the age of 18 must be supervised.
  • Pets: No pets are allowed inside the Depot or in the yard.

See "General Amenities" form for most accurate breakdown.

Chairs: 56 folding chairs available. 

Rectangular: four 8’ x 2.5’ (seats 8) plastic, two 8’ x 2.5’ (seats 8) metal
Round: one 5’ (seats 8) six 8' (seats 6)

Kitchen: Working kitchen for food prep and warming.

All items have been "well loved" over the years. Parties may consider local rental services for matching items.

Fee Schedule
Minimum Fee: $225 for 1/2 day (up to 6 hours) plus $200 refundable deposit
Full Day Fee: $400 per day plus $250 refundable deposit
Multi-Day Large Events: $850 for three days plus $300 refundable deposit

Any organization, group, or individual up to 100 people who desires to use the facility.

Reservations & Activities

Click on an activity or reservation name for details or the date for the activity schedule.


Program Event Teams Date Time
Chicoine Party Friday October 13, 2023 08:00 AM - 09:00 PM
Lucky Penny Party Tuesday October 17, 2023 02:00 PM - 09:00 PM